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  • Disk-less systems
  • Installing apps from source - What is happening during "./configure, make & make install", customising the configuration and installation, trouble shooting.
  • Backup strategies.

This is for technical and other meetings and events. Our social meetings are generally arranged via the mailing lists.

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7th February 2012

Micro machines and computing in schools

Steve Matthews
  • Practical experience in architecture design has been around since the BBC micro, but is now making an interesting comeback in the Arduino and the almost here Raspberry Pi.
The first question posed by tonight's talk is whether the LUG could be developing a part of its activity to encourage members to buy such micros and simply have fun programming with them for the greater strength of the LUG's traditional interests in Linux and open source.
The second question, following on from the first, is the recent conclusion of government that the ICT curricula in schools needs to be strengthened this year by "programming", "computer science", and "open source". The fear of many is that we might be producing a generation of young people that can use a few standard packages, but would not have inherited the deep scientific engineering skills base to make future computers for which the UK is traditionally reputed.
And so, tonight's talk will propose and consider these two questions, and to what extent the LUG might contribute in future to the development of computing in school curricula.
  • The evening will also be the beginning of a CovLUG sub-group or spin-off group relating to open source hardware and with some relevance to the evenings talk. The nature of the group is to be developed by discussion at the meeting and on-line.
1st January 2012

A Social Tech Meeting

  • Given this was the first day of the year and immediately followed the solstice celebration period we simply had a social meeting.
6th December 2011

Members Mini Talks

Various Members
  • An evening of mini talks by members.
  • Please come along with an open source related talk! Your talk may be a few minutes or up to a maximum 20 minutes.
1st November 2011

Graphics related?

Iulian Arcus
  • abstract to follow.
4th October 2011

Android Application Development

Charles Barnwell
  • Abstract: Introduction to developing apps for Android phones. Covers setting up the SDK and the Eclipse environment. Shows how to work with the sample code and outlines a simple application that uses the database and navigating screens.
24th to 25th September 2011

PyCon UK

  • The UK's official Python conference. Aimed at anyone with an interest in the Python programming language, of all skill levels, from beginners to core developers.
  • Location: Techno Centre, Coventry, CV1 2TT.
6th September 2011

Functional Programming meets Open Source

Steve Matthews
  • Abstract: Mathematics is a paradigm we all master to some extent in school. As programmers in later life many of us become master coders of standard numerical methods. Few people get to see the potential for mathematics as a programming paradigm in its own right. Tonight's presentation will be a brief tutorial upon the key features of functional programming, together with an unusual emphasis upon its open source nature. To conclude, we introduce Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as an example of how some researchers see open source in the future.
  • Videos of the talk may be available from: and, courtesy of Iulian Arcos.
25th August 2011

Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks

Richard M. Stallman
  • Abstract: Copyright developed in the age of the printing press, and was designed to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing press. But the copyright system does not fit well with computer networks, and only draconian punishments can enforce it. The global corporations that profit from copyright are lobbying for draconian punishments, and to increase their copyright powers, while suppressing public access to technology. But if we seriously hope to serve the only legitimate purpose of copyright--to promote progress, for the benefit of the public--then we must make changes in the other direction.
  • Location: Haworth Lecture Theatre, University of Birmingham. The Lecture theatre is in building Y2, which is the main School of Chemisty building.
16th to 18th August 2011

Use R! The R User Conference 2011

2nd August 2011

Red5 - Open Source Flash Server

Tim Williams
  • Red5 is a java based flash video and communication server. Tim will discuss the capabilities of the Red5 server, move on to cover Application development and finish with a practical demonstration of a Red5 based video broadcast system designed to work with the Moodle e-Learning platform.
5th July 2011

ARM 'OROne' microcontrollers

Garry Bulmer
  • Many people have heard of Arduino, a very successful Open Source microcontroller project and community which grew from the needs of artists and designers to apply the microcontroller.
I'll outline the strengths of the 8-bit Arduino microcontroller, and then describe the 32-bit ARM 'OROne' microcontrollers I am developing.
My goals are to provide both an easy entry point, and to support projects which are significantly beyond the unaided-Arduino. For example, by using a 32-bit ARM processor, projects like music synthesisers, MP3 players, robotics, and games become feasible.
I designed the first member of the family, a robot board in 2010. Based on feedback, I'm now working on a simpler, low-cost, flexible design which will enable people to DIY it from components if they desire.
  • My microcontrollers use LeafLabs Open Source Arduino-like IDE and libraries, and USB upload."
2nd & 3rd July 2011

Godiva Festival

Open Source Community Exhibition Stand

  • Please help out with the CovLUG and other local Open Source groups exhibition stand.
7th June 2011

An Introduction to Regular Expressions.

Barry Gidden
  • It will be fairly basic and might be useful for anyone who hasn't used them before. I'll go through some text editor and scripting examples. I seem to use them in nearly everything I do, on a daily basis, but I know there are also people who never use them at all. I can't imagine Unix/Linux without them!

3rd May 2011

A Home Weather Station & Linux

Andrew Stringer

5th April 2011

Open Source in a Community Organisation

Mark Hinton
  • Mark works for the FolesHillfields Vision Project, a small not-for-profit he set up (with his wife) in 2007, with a nationally award-winning approach to intercultural community bridge-building in diverse and deprived areas of Coventry. FolesHillfields uses Linux and other Free & Open Source Software for nearly all of its office functions, and Mark is a keen proponent of FOSS for the voluntary/community sector. Mark will show one or two photos of FolesHillfields work, and probably do a 3-minute interactive activity to give a flavour of it; talk about what FOSS they use, what's been great about that, and what the challenges have been; make a couple of sweeping generalizations about FOSS in the voluntary sector; and ask for questions and comments.

1st March 2011

Open Street Map

Andy Robinson
  • An introduction of where OSM sits in the user generated content scene and how it differs from other crowdsource approaches. Discussion will continue with what makes OSM tick (how it works, how you can contribute, and how everyone can obtain and use the data) and why it bucked the GIS trend. Finally a wrap up with some thoughts on completeness and fitness for purpose as well as some of the challenges facing the project going forwards.

1st February 2011

Btrfs and it's impact to the Linux World

Jan Harasym
  • The Btrfs and it's impact to the Linux world, including brief outlook on what filesystems actually are and the difference between the different filesystems offered by most distributions. He will also cover the features and performance of each filesystem.

4th January 2011

Joomla! and Facebook

Caroline Rogers
  • A description of installing the Joomla CMS via a web interface. And CovLUG on Facebook.

6th December 2010

Multiple Image Alignment and Fusion

Keith White
  • An overview "how do they do it?" on multiple image alignment and fusion. Originally intended for the local astronomy group but the LUG was interested too. Linux and open source software was used for the talk and a list of some open source tools related to the topic was given at the end of the talk.
  • Coventry & Warwickshire Astronomical Society

1st-2nd May 2010


24th October 2009

LUG Radio Live

7th-9th August 2009

UKUUG Summer 2009 Conference

21 July 2009

Virtualisation - VMWare and others

Darren Austin
  • At the Royal Warwick Club on Tower Street, Coventry City Centre.

4-5 July 2009

Godiva Festival Stall

  • Please come and help at the stand. This is a hot opportunity to publicise CovLUG and recruit new members and spread awareness of Linux and Open Source Software.

16 June 2009

Regular technical meeting - subject t.b.a.

  • At the Royal Warwick Club on Tower Street, Coventry City Centre.

17 February 2009

Temporarily having social meetings at Pasta Hut until a new Tech Meeting venue can be found. Please join us.

20 January 2009

Temporarily having social meetings at Pasta Hut until a new Tech Meeting venue can be found. Please join us.

16th December 2008


Andy Robinson
  • Postponed due to loss of meeting venue.
  • See March 2011.
  • OpenStreetMap

18th November 2008

Computer Forensics

Adrian Shaw
  • Postponed due to loss of meeting venue.
  • Linux and Computer Forensics.
  • Why Linux is the best platform for computer forensics...but seldom used! I'll talk about the Linux based tools and techniques used to conduct forensic investigations. We'll also look at some good data recovery tools for those of us who routinely format our camera cards then remember that there were really important photos on there. Maybe some techniques for recovering your forgotten password from your Windoze box, or tools/techniques for recovering data from a hosed hard drive or file system, some war stories maybe...depends on audience interest.

21 October 2008

Joomla CMS

Philip Cowen
  • Joomla is popular open source content management system used to build websites and online applications. The talk will cover the following topics:
  • A background and history of the Joomla project.
  • How to install Joomla on a localhost.
  • An explanation of the key elements of Joomla and how to configure them.
  • How to backup a live Joomla site and copy to localhost.
  • Additional resources available on the Internet.
  • Reference sites that have been built using Joomla.
  • View a copy of the presentation slides here Joomla_presentation.pdf

16 September 2008

No tech meeting this month

  • We had a social meeting in Pizza Hut instead.

19 August 2008


  • A general talk about the Ubuntu Linux operating system, how to install it etc.

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Date Topic Presented by Files


Introduction to TCP/IP

  • Andrew Stringer
  • TCPIP.pdf (PDF)

Configuring Linux networking

  • Darren Austin
  • Network-Config.pdf (PDF)


Introduction to Ethernet

Andrew Stringer

Ethernet.pdf (PDF)


Alternative operating systems

  • Bernard Giltrap

21/11/2006 Introduction to Perl Barbie, Birmingham PM Intro to Perl (View online) Perl-Intro.tar.gz (Gzip'ed tar) 19/12/2006 Linux in the Christmas Enterprise Andrew Stringer Linux-In-Lapland (PDF) 16/01/2007 Voice over IP and Trixbox Quentin Wright VoIP.tar.gz (Gzip'ed tar) 20/02/2007 Introduction to DNS Andrew Stringer DNS-Intro.pdf (PDF)

	DNS resource records 	Darren Austin 	DNS-RRs.pdf (PDF)

20/03/2007 Looking up DNS records Andrew Stringer DNS-Lookups.pdf (PDF)

	DNS server configuration 	Darren Austin 	DNS-Config.pdf (PDF)

17/04/2007 Introduction to the command line Quentin Wright (No files) 22/05/2007 Introduction to email and clients Andrew Stringer Darren Austin Bernard Giltrap