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There are several mailing lists available for PmWiki.

:[ pmwiki-users ]: This is a great resource where a very helpful group of people will answer questions and discuss PmWiki development. As of 2016, traffic is around 20-40 messages a month. ->''If you ask a question on the list and it doesn't get answered, don't feel let down. Just'' '''''ask it again'''''. It probably slipped by unnoticed.

->Archives are available from: --> (searchable) --> (searchable, but disconnected from main list in 2012.04, requires a google account) --> (searchable)


:[ pmwiki-users-de ]: A mailing list for german-speaking users of PmWiki. Archived at -->

:[ pmwiki-users-es ]: Lista de usuarios PmWiki en Espaņol.

:[ pmwiki-users-fr ]: A mailing list for french-speaking users of PmWiki.

:[ pmwiki-devel ]: This list was created to lower the traffic on pmwiki-users, it focuses on discussions surrounding code development for PmWiki (both core and recipe development).

->Archives are available from: --> (searchable) --> (searchable) --> (searchable)

:[ pmwiki-announce ]: Announcements of new version releases and urgent information, about 1-2 messages per month. If you use PmWiki in a production environment, this low-volume list is highly recommended. The archive is at: -->

Suggestions: * If you reply to a digest message, please remove the messages irrelevant to your reply before sending it back to the list. ** It's also helpful to change "Re: pmwiki-users Digest, Vol [...]" to "Re: [the original subject]" because some mail programs determine threads based on the subject. * If you address a reply to a single list member, please take the [pmwiki-users] off the subject line, or it's possible for your message to get lost in the mailing list traffic. Many people filter list traffic to a separate mailbox. * If you ask a question, you should disable "digest" mode, this way you'll receive the replies as soon as people post them, and you could follow-up. In digest mode you might receive the replies a week or two later.

Changing mail list settings

Here are some tips regarding changing the mailing list settings:

* Logging in... ** First go to

   and enter your e-mail address in the field at the bottom of the page,
   to the left of the button ''Unsubscribe or edit options''.

** Next you need to enter your password. As you've probably forgotten this,

   use the button ''Remind'' at the bottom of the page to get a new password.

** Finally enter the password you should get momentarily via e-mail.

* You can directly go to the options web page through a URI such as the


-><user>%40<domain> -> where <user> is everything before the @ in an e-mail address,

   and <domain> is everything after (
   For those who wonder, the %40 in the URI just stands for '@'.

* You can also obtain various help by sending an email to with the text help in either
  the subject or the body.

Newsgroups (NNTP)

You may be interested, that the lists are also accessible as newsgroups.

The NNTP server is: * '^[1]^'

The groups are: * * * (:nl:)(:Summary:Trail and talk page links:) (:comment included in PmWiki localisation headers and footers :)


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